No Win No Fee LD

The Lawyers Direct No Win No Fee guarantee makes it possible for anyone to access proper legal representation.

We believe that all Australian should have the right to make a No Win No Fee claim no matter what financial situation they are in.

So how does it work

The No Win, No Fee arrangement means that you do not need to pay upfront for any of your legal fees, including your medicals.

What if I win my compensation claim

If your claim is successful, this is when you are required to pay your lawyer their legal fees. Your legal costs will be deducted from your compensation once your claim is settled. However, its good to note that in most cases the losing side will pay a good chunk of your costs, which is usually an insurance company.

What if I don’t win my personal injury claim?

If your claim is not successful for whatever reason, because of the No Win, No Fee arrangement you won’t be entitled to pay anything to anyone. This means that making a No Win No Fee claim with Lawyers direct you will never be left out of pocket. If you’re thinking about claiming accident compensation, call us free on 1800 865 825. Your call will be taken by one of our specialists, and they can usually let you know right away whether you can claim with us or not.

What type of claims can Lawyers Direct help me with?

The personal injury lawyers at Lawyers Direct can help you with all types of accident compensation claims. We have solicitors that specialise in everything from No Win No Fee car accident claims to wrongful death claims on behalf of a relative. To find out more information about what you can claim for, visit our Accident types pages and injury types pages.

How much can I claim for my accident and injuries?

Before your case is assessed properly by one of our lawyers it’s impossible to tell you exactly how much your claim may be worth, Once assessed they should be able to give you a ballpark figure of how much compensation you might receive. You can also check our compensation calculator that uses industry averages to give you an estimated amount.

I had my case refused by another lawyer.

Lawyers direct have helped hundreds of people that have had their cases refused by other companies make successful No Win, No Fee claims. Sometimes peoples accidents can be partly their own fault which runs the risk of being unsuccessful. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to tell who was at fault for your accident. If your unsure who was at fault for your accident and need advice about your situation, call Lawyers Direct for free on 1800 865 825. We can assess your case properly and let you know how we can help.

What can I claim for?

When you make a No Win, No Fee claim you can claim for everything that you are entitled to. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using our arrangement or paying upfront, your compensation payout would be exactly the same, minus your fees at the end. When you make a No Win, No Fee claim with us your Lawyer will assess how your injuries have affected you and whether they will continue to affect you in the future. In general, if applicable your lawyer will look to seek compensation for:

Loss of earnings.
Medical costs and medication.
Care, support and rehabilitation.
Past and future loss of earning.
Travel expenses.
Pain and suffering.
Adaptations to your home.
Negative impact on social life and activities.

For more detailed information about what you could be entitled to speak with one of our specialists on 1800 106 107. All calls are free and confidential and you’ll never be pressured into making a No Win, No Fee claim with us.

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